The Main Features of Tinga Tinga Paintings



They come from Tanzania

You will find them just everywhere in Tanzania. And that is reflected in the paintings too. Haven´t you seen paintings depicting the highest mountain of Africa - Kilimanjaro? Or what about the biggest market in East Africa - Kariakoo? Maybe Zanzibar, Mount Meru, never ending savannah or Masai will are more known to you?

Tinga Tinga is a name of a person

His name was Eduardo Saidi Tinga Tinga, in English version Edward Saidi Tingatinga. He was born in Mozambique but later moved to Tanzania where he introduced the Tinga Tinga art style. He passed away in 1972 and later his son and daughter continued in his legacy. The son passed away in 2015.

Using Enamel Colours

The most important feature of Tinga Tinga art is that the paintings are painted with enamel colours. Without enamel colors - no Tinga Tinga. So what are these enamel colours? The frames of your window are probably painted with enamel colours. And definitely your metal fence in garden. Or metal garage port. The enamel colours have characteristic turpentine odour. Those are industrial colour, not art colours.

Highly Decorative Patterns

Whatever the motive, you will find some common features in every Tinga Tinga painting. The "secret" of Tinga Tinga paintings are the dots. You will find them on almost every painting. The most popular of all animals is guinea fowl due to many dots on feathers. The second most popular animal is leopard. You see again the dots. To summarize it - the repetitive pattern is underlying recept for cooking up a good Tinga Tinga painting

A Black Border - Not Any More!

Once there was a black border or black wooden board on every Tinga Tinga painting. That is not the case today.



The Reasons why to Buy a Tinga Tinga Painting

Make your Life Unique

All Tinga Tinga paintings are handpainted on canvas or hard board. Owning a piece of original Tinga Tinga painting is a refreshing experience in our world of mass production. It brings balance and uniqueness to our lives.

All Purpose Present

Can´t you figure out the next present for your family members, children, boyfriend, girlfriend or parents. Then consider a Tinga Tinga paintings. It can be never wrong. And don´t forget - you don´t give away only a "coloured canvas" but a feeling, message and much more.


Being still grossly underestimated, the Tinga Tinga art will be rather on rise than decline. Frankly speaking - where you can get an original piece of art for a few hundred dollars? Just recently a Tinga Tinga painting was auctioned for $51.000 so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Social Engagement

I know people who spend thousands of dollars for child adoptions or African charities. But in fact "giving away" is becoming old-fashioned. People want to be proud, self-sustaining and independent. Through buying a painting you have done much more for poor people than just to "give away". You gave them purpose and engagement. You gave them a meal and children fees.

Art Therapy

I bet that Tinga Tinga paintings are charged with energy. Many people told me about feeling happy after seeing a Tinga Tinga painting. And sure - there is a whole science called Art Therapy. Tinga Tinga is definitely helping your soul.

Decorating cheaply home

Go out to the nearest home decor shop and compare the prices of mass produced posters with prices of original Tinga Tinga paintings. It is unfortunate for art but good luck for you. Mitole paintings are in British Museum and Charinda´s paintings at National Gallery in Firenze. Now you can have them too on your walls - for the price of posters.... almost.

Starting a Collection

Tinga Tinga paintings are fantastical collectable items. Start a Tinga Tinga collection now and you will meet many other people who do the same. Build up your collection based on your interest. Virtually all themes are available within Tinga Tinga art.