Artist According to the Themes

Mzuguno The founder of Tinga Tinga art and his chidren Only Martina lives today
The Founder of the Tinga Tinga Art
The Daughter of Mr.Tingatinga
The Son of Mr.Tingatinga
The Last Student of Mr.Tingatinga
Mzuguno The three sons and one grandson of David Mzuguno
Juma Mzuguno
Mzuguno Painter - Kipara MzugunoKipara Mzuguno
Mzuguno Painter - Mshana MzugunoMshana Mzuguno
Mzuguno Painter - Rashidi MzugunoRashidi Mzuguno
Mzuguno The master painters of the cartoon style
Tinga Tinga Painter - Mohamed CharindaMohamed Charinda
Godfray TiamaluGodfray Tiamalu
Maurus MalikitaMaurus Malikita
Tinga Tinga Painter - Samwel MatonyaSamwel Matonya
Mzuguno The illustrators and also story tellers
Tinga Tinga Painter - Mohamed CharindaMohamed Charinda
Tinga Tinga Painter - Nangida MasaweNangida Masawe
Mzuguno They challenge the old definition of Tinga Tinga style
Tinga Tinga Painter - Ally Adam OmaryAlly Adam Omary
Tinga Tinga Painter - Steven LewisSteven Lewis
Tinga Tinga Painter - Majidu ChandeMajidu Chande
Tinga Tinga Painter - Steven MkumbaSteven Mkumba
Tinga Tinga Painter - Nchimbi HalfanNchimbi Halfani
Tinga Tinga Painter - Ally WasiaAlly Wasia
Mzuguno Probably the best abstract painters from East Africa
Vipaji gallery - Haji ChilongaHaji Chilonga
Vipaji gallery - Evarist ChikaweEvarist Chikawe
Vipaji gallery - Patrick ImanjamaPatrick Imanjama
Vipaji gallery - Salum KambiSalum Kambi
Vipaji gallery - Lute MwakisopileLute Mwakisopile
Vipaji gallery - Max KamundiMax Kamundi
Mzuguno These paintings are in isolated villages using only soils, charcoal and ash
Mzuguno These painters will be remembered as key persons in the movement
George LilangaGeorge Lilanga
Among 5 most famous African Artists
He created a whole new style
The most unique painter in Tanzania
Msagula's adopted son
The First Student of Mr.Tingatinga
The Policeman and painter
Mzuguno Yes, there remain very few of the painters from the first generation
Tinga Tinga Painter - Hasani KamaleHasani Kamale
Tinga Tinga Painter - Abdul MkuraAbdul Mkura
Tinga Tinga Painter - Noel KapandaNoel Kapanda
Mzuguno Mr.Lilanga was among most famous African artists. He inspired others,
Lilanga Painter - Ras AgonRas Agon
Lilanga Painter - Hendrick LilangaHendrick Lilanga
Mzuguno The tradition refined by 40 years of continuous artistic hard work
Tinga Tinga Painter - Abdallah ChilamboniAbdallah Chilamboni
Tinga Tinga Painter - Iddi IssaIddi Issa
simple Maybe you didn't notice but they play with the only few designs
Tinga Tinga Painter - Rashidi RubuniRashidi Rubuni
Tinga Tinga Painter - Mwamedi ChiwayaMwamedi Chiwaya
Mzuguno Paintings for a memory. RIP
Hemedi MbarukaHemedi Mbaruka
Tinga Tinga Painter - Saidi OmarySaidi Omary
Antony JonasAntony Jonas
Saidi MitoleSaidi Mitole
Mzuguno Don't look too long time at these paintings or you get dizzy :)
Tinga Tinga Painter - Noeli KambiliNoeli Kambili
Tinga Tinga Painter - Mpochogo MwamediMpochogo Mwamedi
Tinga Tinga Painter - Mteko SaidiMteko Saidi
Tinga Tinga Painter - Stephan ChiwinjaStephan Chiwinja
Tinga Tinga Painter - Mustapha YusuphuMustapha Yusuphu