How the Website Started

The website is managed by Daniel Augusta. Daniel was born in the former Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic. After studying at Chalmers University in Sweden, he traveled extensively through the African continent where he fell in love with the colorful and vibrant paintings called Tinga Tinga. It was in 2005.

He brought few of them to friends in Europe who were very impressed. It didn't take a long time before Daniel set up art agency called Afrum which organized exhibitions and presented the Tinga Tinga painters through his first website Now the year was 2007.

Only a year later in 2008, the started. But it was just set up in order to show new found paintings in Tanzania (and few Malaba sculptures) to some eager collectors. They were just about 5 people!

Since then has grown. Within 6 years, 9 versions of the website were published. And each time, the website was better and better as the programming skills advanced. More than 700 customers were served and about 10.000 paintings presented and many of them sold.

As you see now, the focus is shifting from selling paintings to individual customers to wholesaling the paintings to art dealers and galleries around the world. And of course, licensing images and commissioning art works is also becoming an important part of Tinga Tinga Studio's activities.

Daniel Augusta
Marketing Manager, TANART. Tanzania Art Licensing Agency

This page is about the website, AFRUM company and certification. If you want to learn about Tinga Tinga art, then we recommend!

Tinga Tinga Studio is one stop website for all those who are interested in Tinga Tinga art. We focus mainly on licensing and wholesaling of Tinga Tinga paintings to retailers all over the world.

We assist with authentications of art works, organizing exhibitions, providing information about artists and more. We consider all those who deal with Tinga Tinga art as our partners and we are excited to promote this unique art style together with you on the global level.

About the Logos


TANART Logo is the trademark of Tanzania Registered Company dealing with art marketing, licensing, hand-made branding, wholesaling and shipping of African art and handicraft. The owner of logo is TANART.
AFRUM Emblem is established emblem for quality African art. It is used for certification of authenticity of art works. The owner of the logo is Daniel Augusta.

About Certification

The African art market in general is highly volatile due to several factors, among them being the production of fakes. The market with the famous Lilanga paintings almost collapsed and the same is true for the "original" paintings by E.S.Tingatinga. Therefore the certification of art works is crucial in order to preserve the value of them even in the future. Make sure that you receive a valid certificate of authenticity with your paintings from relevant authorities. Today, the certificates are issued by TANART and signed by Daniel Augusta who has a great deal of knowledge of Tinga Tinga art.

Currently, we develope new certification system. The information will be added later.