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Omary Amonde (Sometimes signing as Ojaja) was the last living student of Edward Tingatinga. He died in 2015. (Other students were Adeus Mandu, Januari Linda, Ajaba Abdallah, Caspar Hendrick Tedo, George Mpata). “When I painted some ugly painting, Tingatinga laughed”, recalls Amonde. O.Amonde was born Nakapanya in 1940 and his two brothers Nakoko and Mkura paint at the Cooperative while the third brother Mlaponi paints in Slipway in Dar es Salaam. His both parents live in Nakapanya and his father enjoys the status of tribal chief in Nakapanya village, being called Mwenye Nakoko. Amonde is now a very popular painter. He got also many friends, one of them Jean-Denis Joubert who helped him with treatment when Omari was dying. Amonde illustrated also Jean-Denis Joubert´s book called “Kilimandjaro – Sommet de Legende”. He has visited France 2 times and China 1 time in connection with exhibitions. He is the grounder of the Cooperative and the oldest member. He has been painting for almost 40 years.