He was born to Makua parents in Tanzanian commercial capital Dar es Salaam in 1974. He is relative to Mr.Lumumba who was grounder of the Tinga Tinga Cooperative so he was exposed to Tinga Tinga art very early in his life. It was Saidi Omary who showed him how to paint. However Godfrey developed his personal cartoon style.

He uses rather symbolic drawings for people than figures. He simplifies the objects like houses, cars, trees etc. It is the message which is important, not the painting itself. The messages are written in broken English and sometimes in broken French. The messages are social and political. The subject can be HIV, poverty, Somali pirates, economic crises and more. He says that he reflects the current world´s problems which he hears on radio and sees on television.

Godfray´s paintings are often used in publications which are aimed to raise awareness about certain issues. It was both WHO and UN which published his paintings. Many NGO´s make use of his paintings in order to acquaint their target population with their missions. Godfrey sent also many paintings to UK where his grandmother lived.


Godfray Tiamalu

10280 Godfrey 60x60cm

Godfray Tiamalu

10281 Godfrey 60x60cm