Issa is the brother of the passed painter Hasani Thabiti Mchisa whome we lost during the preparation of this Memory Card Game. There is also one more brother painting at the Cooperative -. Thabiti Mchisa. Issa was born in Nakapanya in 1969. The first time he came to Dar es Salaam was when he was called by his sister to do different jobs (not paintings). It was first the second trip to Dar Es Salaam when he started to paint. It was in 1990. His teacher was his brother Thabiti. Issa has used his direct experience from the wilderness in art. He has seen many animals when he helped his father to hunt. He brought to Tingatinga new motives: wild dog, wild pig, hyena, sun sets etc. Many times it is only him who can paint these motives




5917 Issa 80x100cm


5916 Issa 80x100cm