Emanuel Jeremiah was born in 1975 in Tanga which is harbor on the Tanzanian East coast. But he is Makonde, a tribe coming from South Tanzania. There were many people from all over Tanzania who went to work on sisal farms there and that’s why Jeremiah was born in Tanga. Soon after completing his primary school he set out for Dar es Salaam, biggest city in Tanzania, also harbor. He had part of the family there. In Dar Es salaam he found tingatinga and because Makonde and Tingatinga´s Makua tribe are very familiar to each other he probably found it easy to start to paint as them. His teacher was Peter Martin whose paintings are now very popular around Europe. (He died in 2005). But soon they became best friends. They painted in Village Museum (Makumbusho) and had many customers. But now Emanuel works mostly at home. Through the death of Peter Martin the “Makumbusho” traditional stream broke down and many artists split and left to paint at home (Among them John Kilaka). One painting can take 4 – 5 days to paint.