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The painter Max Kamundi has created a style which has spread widely in Tanzania. It is that of symmetrical circles combined in each other given illusion of human heads or traditional objects depending on the angle of the view. Max Kamundi has got many students which come from south Tanzania. He has not participated in many Tanzanian exhibitions or is not known so well in Tanzanian art community since he is often commisioned by foreign curators. Born on 8th January 1971 in Ndanda in southern Tanzania he grew up in a community where art flourished. Among them were the artists such as Sayuki, Kalembo, Ntila, Msagula and others. All were born in Ndanda.

Promoted by the abbey of the Benidictine missionaries he quickly advanced his naïve style to more abstract. He was helped by Father Polykarp Uehlein, artist himself who decorated many churches in Tanzania. At the age of ten he entered primary school but then in 1986 he left it for painting carrier. At the age of 18 he went to Dar es Salaam and then he moved to Nairobi were he painted for four years. In 1999 he returned back to Ndanda. One year after his return to Ndanda he came to Germany to participate in mural painting project in Mönchengladbach. Max Kamundi now lives in Mbagala, southern part of Dar es Salaam.

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Max Kamundi

10291 Kamundi 180x98cm SOLD

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Max Kamundi

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11357 Kamundi 150x100cm SOLD