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Majidu was born in south Tanzania in the village of Livangula near Nakapanya in 1979. He is relative to Rashidi Rubuni and Zabury Chimwanda. He came to Dar es Salaam in 1993 where he was ccepted by Rashidi Rubuni. But it was very difficult for Majidu to enter the Tinga Tinga Cooperative so he worked as gardener. It took not less than 3 years before Majidu got chance to start to paint. It was during the leadership of Saidi Chilamboni when he was finally accepted. At that time the painters painted on the open street. It was in 1997 when they finished the new building where they paint until now.

He was taught to paint by Rubuni Rashidi. He is very creative and he is known to develop different and unique designs. Later he was spotted by the ambassador of South Korea who employed him for five years. He painted nothing else than bottles for these five years. The bottles were presented on different events organized by the embassy.

His paintings were displayed in many countries such as Switzerland, Mauritius etc. He participated on exhibition at National Museum in Dar es Salaam.