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Maurus Malikita was born in 1967 in Mpute village which is part of Lindi region in Tanzania. He is Mwera by tribe. He worked as carpenter until 1988 when he joined the Tinga Tinga group. Now he lives in Msasani in Dar es salaam. In Africa, he had exhibitions in Kenya at the Malindi Biennalle and National Museum of Tanzania. He is very popular in Italy where he had exhibitions in Milano. His art works were also published in Italy and Japan. He learned painting from Saidi Maulana.

Malikita loves football. He is full fledged member of the Tinga Tinga football team. He used to be dressed in a football dress even at the Cooperative! He is also known for his hospital cartoons shown at various exhibtions worldwide. He has been working for Mr.Sarenco, a curator from Italy.

Malikita's art works are often found at well-known auctions houses such as Bonhams or Internet sites such as Artnet.

Selected Exhibitions

2010 Malindi Biennial, Kenya
2007 Castel dell’Ovo, Napoli, Italy
2007 VAC, Ventabren, France
2006 Atelier degli Artisti, Brescia, Italy
2006 Malindi Biennial, Kenya
2003 Fabbrica Sarenco, Verona, Italy
2000 Rocca di Umbertide, Umbertide, Italy
1998 Tamburo Parlante, Montone, Italy
1997 Art Africain, Solothurn, Switzerland
1996 Goethe Institut, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
1992 Tinga Tinga Gallery, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania