Mangula Ramadhani represents the “Tinga Tinga new-comers”, a group of Tinga Tinga painters who paints in Tinga Tinga style but does not have any relationship to the core family of Edward Tingatinga. Though most of these “new-comers” paint anywhere on streets in Dar es Salaam, Arusha or Zanzibar, Mangula´s place is straight at TACS. The reason is football. Mangula is great football players and he was spotted by TACS. Soon TACS hired him for its football team. Later Mangula asked how to paint and the Tinga Tinga painters agreed to teach him. In that way many “outsiders” became Tinga Tinga painters.

Mangula was born in Dar es Salaam in 1977 and he is living in Msasani, not far from the Tingatinga Cooperative. He started to paint in 1997 and his teacher was Saidi Omary. Maybe it is the reason why Mangula´s style is so similar to Saidi Omary´s style. However Mangula uses thick brushes giving feeling of robust images which is underlined by strong and monotonous colours. Mangula´s art works are not so varied as Saidi Omary´s pictures – maybe a sign that Mangula is first of all football player and not member of artistic family? Besides that Mangula follows according to East African conservative tradition the steps of his teacher – Saidi Omary. Despite that Mangula´s paintings are extremely popular probably due to eminent technical skills.