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Eduardo Tinga Tinga and his wife Agatha Mataka struggled for four years to get a child. Finally in 1970, they got a daughter Martina. However Eduardo Tinga Tinga met his wife when she was pregnant with another man so he adopted the child too. He gave him the name Daudi. He passed away in 2014.

Unfortunately Eduardo didn’t get the luck to enjoy his two children. He was shot dead in May 1972, when Daudi was five and Martina only two years old. And in his last days of life, the family was even split. The children were left with Agatha’s relatives in Nachingwea in south Tanzania while the wife herself travelled to Tanga in north. They even couldn’t take farewell with their father at the grave ceremony.

Still as a living person, Eduardo Tinga Tinga gained a considerable fame. His paintings were exhibited in several countries such as Germany, Denmark, Sweden or USA. He had an invitation to visit UK in connection with a planned exhibition. He had a contract with a company called NDC which bought all of his paintings. On top of that, the customers queued to buy his paintings.

But now the life for his wife and children changed abruptly. No one came to their rescue except Adeus Matambwe. Although the artists started to use their father’s well-known name to sell easier their own paintings, the Tinga Tinga family itself was forgotten. In 80-ties a Japanese businessman even paid a considerable amount of money for the rights to the name Tinga Tinga but again – Tinga Tinga’s wife and children never benefited.

It was first around 2000, when Martina reached almost 30 years, the efforts to protect her father’s heritage started.