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Maulana Saidi was born in 1983 and belongs to the family of Mr.Charinda. He was born in a village in south Tanzania like many Tinga Tinga painters and brought to Dar es Salaam by Salum Bushir who was also his teacher. Maulana started to paint in 2001.

Maulana worked for several months Tales in Nairobi in Kenya as illustrator of Tinga Tinga Tales, an animated series for children commissioned by BBC and Disney. He was among five other Tinga Tinga painters drawing designs for the series and he contributed many illustrations. One of the most important one was the illustration of the main character in the films, the narrator. The narrator is a monkey who introduces each of the 52 films.

After coming back to Dar es Salaam, Maulana married to Fatuma from Charinda family and is living now in Gongo La Moto, in Dar es Salaam. (Credit photo monkey: coralsea77)