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Mbwana SudiMbwana Sudi shows his typical design.
One of Mbwana's paintings was selected as a present to Hillary Clinton
As the Chairman of Tinga Tinga Cooperative, Mbwana Sudi signed the licensing contract in 2008 which waved away rights to the name Tinga Tinga to the BBC production company Tiger Aspect. The name is now used by companies such as Walt Disney, Penguin and other in connection with the children film series Tinga Tinga Tales. Mbwana Sudi was one of the 5 illustrators. He worked at the production studio in Nairobi where he stayed for several months in 2009.
Mbwana Sudi was born in 1960 in Mchungwa village in Coastal region of Tanzania. He is Zaramo by tribe and is one of few painters of the Tinga Tinga Cooperative (TACS) who is not
Mbwana and his family paints Tinga TingaMMbwana and his family were often painting at home
related to the Tinga Tinga family. Mbwana joined the group of Tinga Tinga painters in 1978. It was Saidi Chilamboni who became his teacher and introduced him to Tinga Tinga. It was so that Mbwana´s parents rented a room to Saidi Chilamboni when
Daniel Augusta with Mbwana Sudi
he came from south Tanzania to Dar es Salaam. Saidi Chilamboni belongs to Tinga Tinga family and later he was among the founders of the Tinga Tinga Cooperative (TACS)
Mbwana Sudi often paints single animals and simple but vibrant and colourful designs. His paintings remind us about past of Tinga Tinga and truly – Mbwana belongs to the first generation of Tinga Tinga painters. His paintings were displayed in various exhibitions and published in many books. Mbwana Sudi passed away in 2014.