MITOLE SAIDI- See paintings for sale

He is one of the best cartoonists in Tanzania and his art is on display at the "Welcome Trust Gallery" which is part of the Brittish Museum in London. His paintings called "Dar es Salaam Usiku" (at night) convey strong messages about HIV/AIDS but in a funny way. Another popular theme is "Kariakoo Market" which is one of the biggest commercial hot spots in East Africa. It carries images of chased thieves too. He is not from the Tinga Tinga family. He came to Tinga Tinga through Ali Farida. Mitole rented a room in a house owned by Farida´s husband´s parents. His teacher was Mr.Sey and Mwanyiro. Often he gets orders from other Tinga Tinga painters who later sell his paintings in Morogoro Stores.