BAVON MROPE - See paintings for sale

Being born in the town of Masasi in January 1980, ca 170 km from the village Nakapanya, Bavuni Mrope has not any relatives among the Tinga Tinga family. His mother is of Makua tribe and father of Mwera tribe. He has reached excellent results in the primary school and he was chosen to enter the Secondary School where he studied for one and two. Unfortunately the family circumstances were not favorable so he had to end. Instead he went to study to Veta school to Dar es Salaam in 2004, where he had uncle. Soon he met Saidi Omary there and they became good friends. Bavuni Mrope asked Saidi Omary to introduce him to Tingatinga which he did. He is painting the traditional motives with very high quality and precision. He is especially good in painting the fish designs since it requires a lot of concentration and patience. Bavuni lives in Msasani with his wife. His dream is to continue to study. If the paintings will not bring him enough finances he is considering to leave the art and to embark on the carrier of military service. In Africa, it is often a secure employment