Saidi Nakoko is born in Mindu in 1952. Nakoko is the older brother of Abdul Mkura and younger brother of Omary Amonde. He was taken to Dar es Salam by his brothers in order to work at a cinema. (he was selling food there). When the cinema broke down Nakoko tried his luck as a painter. Again - his brother Omary Amonde was his teacher. He is living now with his wife and children in Msasani. Unfortunately Mzee Nakoko has problem to hear so it is difficult to communicate with him. Among his most popular paintings are The Blue Hippo, The Red Elephant and the Flamingo. On the question why he paints the Blue Hippo he answers:” When I am hungry and I get at least little money, I rush to buy colours and canvas and paint at least 2-3 Blue Hippos. Then they are sold within few days and my life is good again. The Blue Hippo helped me through my life. It is my strongest design. I put all my feelings into it. The paintings gives me food.“