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Abbasi Rafiki was born in 1974 in Nakapanya village in the southern part of Tanzania. He started to paint in 1990 being promoted by his teacher Mr. Mruta. He is Makua by tribe and now he lives in Mbagala in Dar es Salaam. He had two exhibitions in Canadian Embassy prepared by Mama Edwin. His paintings are based on different animals like Zebra, Giraffe and other like village activities, sunset beaches and African dance. Abbasi is one of the six painters who in 2009/10 worked for Tiger Aspect Productions in Nairobi and made illustrations for the television series Tinga Tinga Tales. The paintings made immediately after his stay in Nairobi are more cartoon-like and so shows the inspiration from the animation work.  Tinga Tinga Tales is a pre-school television series of African animal fables – 52 animated stories illustrated in the original and vibrant Tingatinga style of painting from Tanzania.