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Rubuni was born in Livangula in 1969. He came to Dar es Salaam in 1988 to look for a job and succeeded to get a job as a service man a a house. He quited after one year and wrote a letter to the Tingatinga Cooperative to ask for a position as a painter. His teacher was Mzee Chimwanda. He has married in 1993 and now he is living with her wife and two children in Kawe, north of Dar es Salaam. Rubuni Rubuni Rashidi´s paintings were used by the designer Ayumi Sufu (Jazzkatze) from Tokyo. The dress was shown at the Tokyo Fashion in Spring 2010. Rubuni Rashidi has built up his name and he is a well known Tinga Tinga painter. He is extreemly popular for his few images of leopard and antilope. Rubuni´s image of the white and black giraffe are used in the BBC series Tinga Tinga Tales. (without his consent)