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My name is Zuberi Daimu, I was born at Mtonya village, Tunduru district in Ruvuma region, south Tanzania in 1973. In 1980 I started primary school. But I failed to complete primary school because of family problems. In 1983 I dropped from school because in that year my father had mentality problem and my mother failed to pay my school expenses and she was taking care of my father. After five years my mother died and I was raised by my mother’s cousin who was living in Dar es Salaam. Because of hard life she had failed to support me in education expenses.

In 1993 I started my training as carpenter. After two years I met my uncle mr Abdallah Chilamboni and I explained my problems to him and then he sent me to his father Mr. Saidi Chilamboni who was at that time the chairman of Tinga Tinga Co-operative Arts Society. In the same year I started to learn how to paint Tinga Tinga paintings and after one year I was among best painters in Cooperative under my teacher mr Athumani Digala. In 2008 my father passed away and left behind 7 children , I am a 3rd born among seven. I have three children and married with my lovely Gloria Nyandindi.